7 coloured front doors that will make you want to get out your paintbrush​

Is your home looking a bit bland from the outside? Having a tidy and well-maintained entry is something that can make a house look a million times better! Painting your door a vibrant colour is a great way to add a bold statement to your home without stretching the budget. We thought we would have a little fun and show you the most intriguing coloured front doors we could get our hands on. Get ready to start painting!

1. Green

Painting your door green indicates a sense of safety, community and health. Green is a relaxing colour that keeps us at ease. With so many shades of green, you will be sure to find a shade that matches your home. Adding a plant by your front door will really compliment the colour.

2. Blue

Painting your door blue indicates that you are friendly and sincere. Depending on the shade of blue, it can symbolise you are calm and grounded (Navy), or prosperous and positive (Bright Blue). It is a lovely colour to paint your door if you are near ocean or water.

3. Red

Red was the most popular coloured door in early American tradition. Having a red door meant ‘welcome’. A bright red front door is said to show you are exciting and vibrant, while a darker red door is said to show you are warm and romantic! It’s a bold pick for those who like to stand out.

4. Pink

Are you a hopeless romantic? Then pink is your colour! A light pink/peach is a lovely subtle way to compliment your front yard. It is also known as a colour meaning to nurture and affection. Pink is also a colour associated with youth and fun.

5. Yellow

Yellow doors symbolise happiness! They are inviting and show the person behind the door is young at heart. I love how this home has the lemon tree in the front, complimenting the door. A front filled with lots of greenery, coupled with a yellow door calls for a perfect home!

6. Black Door

A black front door shows you are sophisticated and elegant. It adds a beautiful frame to your house and looks delightful when surrounded by greenery. Black doors give the impression of power and strength.  

7. Brown Door

A light brown wooden door gives the impression that the person inside is very free-spirited and calm, as well as a sense of warmth and stability. However, a dark brown gives the impression you are introverted and private.