9 Chic ways to add wallpaper to your home

Wallpaper is a creative way to add colour and personal style to a home. There are endless amounts of different colours, pictures, and patterns to suit every type of style. It can be a little bit scary to add such a large feature to your home, but we have found different ways to add wallpaper to your interior, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

The best thing about wallpaper, is that you can make it a large statement with bold colours and patterns, or you can create a small subtle area in your home with the use of more delicate features.

Can’t find a wallpaper you like? Some places allow you to send in photos and they will re-create it for you.

1. Stairs

Adding wallpaper to stairs in an understated way to add some personal flair without overpowering an area.  

2. Kitchen

How beautiful does wallpaper look in the kitchen? For people who love cooking, being in a creative, inspiring area which makes you happy will bring out the fun in creating delicious meals.

3. Laundry

The laundry can be a difficult area to decorate, as it is  usually quite small, and let’s face it, we probably try to spend as little time in there as possible. However, here is an example of wallpaper making the laundry look fresh and inviting. If my laundry looked like this, I am sure it would give me an excuse to do my ironing.

4. Dining Room

Vibrant wallpaper really suits a dining room if you have a bold personality, or even if you just want to add some extra fun in your room. Let’s face it, most of the time we spend entertaining with family and friends is in the dining or living room. Having daring patterns and colours in these rooms makes everything a bit more fun.

5. Bedroom

What a relaxing way to fall asleep and wake each morning, surrounded by a room filled with things you love. For us, we love the colour green, and we also love nature. So, this wallpaper would make us feel completely at peace.

6. Inside Cupboards

This is such a charming, creative way to add some life to your cupboards and shelves. Add some soul to your bedroom cupboards, pantry, and bathroom cupboards, with a delicately printed wallpaper.

7. Office/Study

Having your own little nook with your favourite wallpaper will help get your creative process flowing! Offices can sometimes be such bland spaces, but adding some wallpaper and plants truly help to make your environment inspiring. You will experience such a difference studying, or working, in a place that makes you happy.

8. Bathroom

How inviting does this bathroom look? Covering half of the wall with wallpaper helps to bring a sophisticated touch, however the impact of bringing the outside in with this green is big.

9. Entry

You can only make a first impression once. The entrance to your home is the first impression to guests and to people visiting have of your home. Having wallpaper in your entry radiates the ‘home’ impression I am sure everybody wants to give their guests.