GAME CHANGING MARKETING- You cannot substitute for PASSION!

When considering an agency to sell with, you’ll notice that there are plenty of ‘free’ marketing packages out there. Some offer greater value than others and some are ‘free’ simply because they aren’t worth anything. At Ellie Jean we only have one approach to marketing! Passion passion passion… We don’t accept second best, EVER!

Our entire marketing team, including specialized real estate photographers are all in-house. We don’t use third party contractors. This means no lengthy waits for an available photographer and more importantly it results in more ACCOUNTABILITY. We produce the highest quality photography in the industry and have been recognized for this countless times. The value of high-quality photographs of your property to the overall marketing campaign cannot be overstated. 99% of all buyers, view property photos, before seeing it in person and we all know that first impressions count.

We meticulously plan, style and shoot every property to ensure it is presented in its best light to potential buyers.

When you list with Ellie Jean- you receive an award-winning photo-shoot by two photographers, this is to capture the property from two different perspectives which gives the shoot more character. Your photos are then digitally enhanced and put through a rigorous grading process so, only the very best shots make it through.

Our drone operators capture a breathtaking ‘birds-eye’ perspective, allowing buyers to see the property and the richness of its surrounds. Nearly every home on the Gold Coast (when up high enough) can be seen with the ocean in the background or the beautiful hinterland and this gives geographical perspective to your property, whilst also showcasing the natural beauty that we often take for granted as Gold Coast residents.

Full color interactive floorplans allow buyers to picture themselves inside the home and get a sense of being, living and loving the home.

4k High resolution virtual tours are a great way to allow interstate buyers an opportunity to ‘walk’ the property without visiting. They also enable locals and interested parties to really experience the home from afar. Often, buyers will play in this space, imagining themselves and their families living in a property, and this creates love and ownership before that becomes a reality.

Every client of Ellie Jean receives all of this completely free! And the reason for this, is that we aren’t prepared to negotiate a ‘cheaper’ or ‘lesser’ quality alternative. We decided from the onset that we will only produce industry leading marketing, and this has been one of the cornerstones to our phenomenal success.

If you’re thinking of listing, don’t do so without talking to me first. A call to me is one that you will never regret.

And remember, I don’t just sell properties, I break records!


Ellie Jean.