Spring maintenance

While Queensland is beautiful all year round, spring would have to be our favourite time of year. The wild variety of colourful flowers, the perfectly warm sunny days, and the promise of a balmy, tropical summer ahead. Spring is also a perfect time to catch up on some household maintenance and preparation for the storm season ahead. Whether you are a homeowner or renting, it is important to check on some key areas in your house to avoid bigger problems in the future. So how about we start from the top.

Gutters – a gutter full of leaves can cause rainwater to back up and into the roof, leading to water damage and the risk of mould. For those with rainwater tanks, it is important to keep your gutters and leaf catchers clean so you can keep your tanks as full as possible. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the number of trees surrounding the house; however, spring (especially in Queensland) is a great time to clear them in time for the wet season. On a safety note, this task can be dangerous, with many Australians falling from ladders or encountering electrical wires, so it might be worth hiring a professional. Installing gutter guards is also an option to reduce ongoing maintenance in this area. If you are renting, you can raise this as a maintenance concern with your landlord.

Cleaning the outside – depending on the construction material of your home, you could hire a pressure cleaner (or a professional with the right tools) to clean the outside or just spot clean those dirty, high traffic areas. Driveways are great areas to clean and are often forgotten, however this is the properties first impression and a major contributor to curb appeal.  


Decking – After cleaning outside, have a look at your patio area. If it’s looking a bit sad and worse for wear, it might be time to stain or oil it. Depending on the type of timber and look you are going for, have a chat with a specialist to make sure you choose the right product. Doing this once a year is a small investment of time and money which will ensure your decking last as long as possible.

Pool check-up –It’s a good idea to start early to get your pool summer ready. This includes testing and treating the water, checking the cleaning and filtration equipment, and changing any necessary filters and valves. While getting your pool perfect in time for summer is an important goal, it is also cheaper to maintain you pool than to fix it once it goes green. Ensuring the equipment runs well could also save you money on electricity and water.


Air conditioner servicing – this is an important one for Queensland as coming into summer most people rely heavily on their air conditioner to survive those scorching days and sweltering nights. While cleaning filters is something that can be done easily enough yourself to ensure quality airflow, it is recommended that you professionally service your air conditioner at least once a year. Doing this will improve the efficiency of your aircon, save you money on power bills and improve the indoor air quality. Another point to consider is that many air conditioner warranties rely on regular servicing, much like your car. If you don’t have it serviced in line with the manufacture’s requirements, you may void the warranty and have to pay out of your own pocket for repairs.

Plumbing – Plumbing is an area where it is recommended you call in a professional, but it is worth noting the things you should keep an eye out for. Leaky taps and running toilets are both sources of water wastage and an easy way to rack up a big water bill (and waste perfectly good water!). Another annoying red flag is drains draining slowly. This can be due to hair, soap, food or mineral waste build-up and easily rectified by flushing your pipes. Finally, flushing out your hot water system is also an important plumbing maintenance step that most people forget. Turning off the power and water supply to the hot water system and draining it will remove sediment build up and lead to cleaner water and a longer lasting system.

Smoke alarms – Maintaining your smoke alarm is a simple step that can literally save lives. Regular (monthly) testing of your smoke alarm is recommended as well as changing your battery annually. Currently April 1st is promoted as change your battery day but for those of you who haven’t done it yet, here is your reminder! There has been a lot of changes in recent years to smoke alarm legislation for both owners and investors, which you can read up on at the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service website (https://www.qfes.qld.gov.au/prepare/fire/smoke-alarms).


With these steps in mind don’t forget to enjoy this beautiful time of year, from the pretty purple jacarandas to the sneaky swooping magpies. There is no place like home.