Styling your home for sale

When you are selling your home, there will be other properties on the market at the same time. You need to make sure your property stands out from the crowd to win the sale.

There are a number of different ways to help your property stand out and get the most enquiries. Having a clean and well-presented home appeals most to buyers, as they are easily able to visualise themselves living there.

One of the main things to consider, is furniture. In real estate, there are professional stylists for your home. Find one that is knowledgeable and experienced, who can provide you with a selection of furniture to highlight your property and show its full potential.

Furniture helps potential buyers envisage the potential in a property. Did you know that only 5% of people are able to visualise what to do with a space? This means that when viewing an empty property (or a poorly styled property), 95% of potential buyers are unable to visualise the use or scale of the spaces.

In an uncertain market, vendors also need to consider their marketing costs more carefully, which begs the question of whether professional property styling is worth the money?

The figures in these facts I am about to present speak loudly.

  • A staged property yielded an average increase in sale price of 10% with a reported maximum increase of 15%.
  • On average, every $1 invested in property staging returns $20.
  • Homes that are professionally styled, tend to go much quicker on the market, compared to those that are empty or poorly furnished.

When people walk through your home in open homes/ private inspections, the emotional connection that is created with the buyer is what results in a sale. So, making sure your property is welcoming is particularly important.

We asked the lovely Maree Piwinski of Esme Property Staging some questions about the importance of a styling your home!

We were contacted by a client in Carindale who had not staged their home and had been trying to sell their property for 9 months without an offer acceptable to the sellers. We viewed the property and agreed with seller that we could keep costs down by rearranging some of their furniture and adding ours along with artwork, rugs, soft furnishings, and decor. The weekend after we staged the property, the owner received 4 offers on her home, one of which she signed a Contract with. The owner was over the moon and she received more than she initially believed she would get for the property. Such an amazing feeling when we achieve this for our clients!

Maree Piwinski - Esme Property Styling

Ellie Jean: In your opinion, what makes a house a home?

Maree: Comfort makes a house a home. Whether you find comfort from the people or ‘fur-babies’ who live with you, or from the things in your home; without comfort we don’t feel at ease. As a stylist, creating comfort is everything. Comfort can mean different things to different people, so you must be open to understand who you are styling for.

Ellie Jean: What is your favourite room/area of a house to design and why?

Maree: Most definitely the main living area is always a beautiful space to style. It is the heart of the home and a space that must be functional yet beautiful because, let’s face it we spend a lot of time together in these spaces. Adding beautiful colours, textures and interesting furnishings brings these spaces alive.

Ellie Jean: Colours are so important when it comes to regulating moods. Do you have any go-to colour schemes you regularly use? If so, why that colour?

Maree: Absolutely, colours play a major part in evoking emotions and feelings in potential buyers and home occupants. Colours should always be carefully considered to obtain the right emotional response. Cool colours are generally your blues, greys, whites and pastels, they are used to evoke a sense of calm when you are immersed in them. We tend to use a variety of these cool colours particularly when we stage because potential buyers immediately respond by feeling at home in a space. Bold colours such as your deeper blues, oranges, mustards, emerald greens and black can also work well in modern spaces to inject life and a sense of fun into sometimes a more sterile space.

Ellie Jean: Do you have a go-to piece of furniture, or décor that you always like to add to your properties?

Maree: This is going to sound a little strange, but I love to create unique Kitchen Vignettes in every home we stage. It is a purposeful reminder we give a potential buyer about the reality of living in the home. A kitchen vignette is a cluster of everything and anything that defines a culinary experience. Items like; cooking utensils, greenery, beautiful cutlery, napkins and anything else can be added to complete the look. I think it brings life into a kitchen and can be recreated in so many different ways – which is always satisfying for a stylist to be able to create something unique each and every staging experience.

Ellie Jean: Why do you think it is important so have a beautifully decorated home?

Maree: Home is our special place to belong, to rest, to re-group and to live our life either on our own or in togetherness. Being in an organised environment full of things we love can give us a sense of fulfilment, belonging and overall enjoyment. Decorating your home is not just about showing others how you live but it is about making life in your home more enjoyable and creating a space that is uniquely yours. Let’s face it we all need our own unique space when life takes over.

Ellie Jean: Why do you think it’s so important to style a home for sale?

Maree: Wow, this a question that I get asked a lot. The simple answer is that staging has been proven, time and time again, to not only sell a property more quickly than a property that hasn’t been staged, but the seller’s also receives far more quality offers that result in better sales results. The reason for this is also simple, we live in a digital age where pictures are at our fingertips, night and day. When potential buyers see a property online, they investigate it by first looking at your ad’s pictures. This moment in time for your property is crucial, it is when a Buyer will determine whether they want to inspect your property or not. If your property is staged your home doesn’t look cluttered, it is no longer personalised, and it is cohesively and beautifully styled – this becomes your advantage over other competing properties. Buyers favour homes that a have beautiful online presence, this turns into more inspections.

Once buyers walk through your door they will also be blown away by the beauty of the property. These carefully considered furnishings offer buyers an ability to see a lifestyle they can have in the home, and it creates an emotional connection within the buyer to your home. Resulting in quality offers and a quicker sale.

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