As a client of Ellie Jean, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property with us in good ‘local’ hands. With a clearly defined client first ethos, our team of Gold Coast professionals deliver superior financial reporting, audience targeted marketing, high volume well-vetted rental applications and a personalised approach to the management of each and every property. Did you know that all of our property managers participate in ‘ongoing’ education and industry learning? At Ellie Jean, our property managers are therefore uniquely placed to offer a broader range of client options.


A property manager is appointed to take care of your rental/investment property. You should expect a property manager to source the most suitable tenant, for the most achievable rent and the optimum lease term. The key responsibilities of a property manager include:

  • Providing accurate information about the market and the maximum rental return for your property
  • Advertising and marketing your property to maximise exposure to potential tenants and host viewings for prospective tenants
  • Processing applications and screening tenants for you to make an informed decision about who will reside in your property
  • Ensuring tenants sign their lease, pay their bond and rent prior to taking up tenancy
  • Carrying out a comprehensive entry condition report
  • Managing day-to-day interactions with tenants
  • Inspecting the property on a regular basis and provide accurate reports to you
  • Responding to and communicating to you requests for repairs and maintenance and arranging tradespeople
  • Attending to lease renewals and vacating tenants to maximise return on investment, increase capital growth and minimise vacancy periods
  • Accounting to you for any rent collected in a timely manner
  • Remaining updated and current with all legislative requirements

The amazing team at Ellie Jean truly love managing properties and doing the very best job for you. Our open and transparent communication means you are always aware of everything that is happening at your home. At Ellie Jean, we believe in being fair, so our fees are competitive which means that you get to keep more of what’s yours. The benefit of this is that we do not discount our services and you receive excellent value for money.

The lovely team at Ellie Jean can provide you with a comprehensive rental appraisal. As informed property managers we are familiar with the local market and able to provide the information based on location, supply and demand, condition, and amenities of your property, all the while factoring in the local economy and any other determining factors.

While there is no guarantee that you will have a problem-free journey as the owner of an investment property, there are some simple steps we take to improve your chances of finding a great tenant.
Screening tenants –  It is important to find out whether the applicant for your rental property has the capacity to pay their rent and the history of taking care of their home. EllieJean conducts thorough rental background checks, including TICA and Barclay MIS. We also take into consideration rental references, rental ledgers, employment references, contacting accountants for the self-employed, personal references, and even pet references if your rental is pet friendly. We are of the belief that it is better to wait for the “right” applicant, rather than to just get a tenant in the property.
Communication –  At the beginning, we set a high standard when communicating with our tenants. From the detailed Entry Condition Report of your property, to the tenant welcome pack they receive along with our tenant welcome guide, Ellie Jean aims to make themselves as approachable as possible. This are crucial steps and often missed as part of property management. All people encounter hardship in their life, tenants included, and we believe that by keeping the lines of communication open, we can avoid problems in the future and arrive at the best outcome for everyone. 
Inspections –  Our 17-week routine inspection cycle means that maintenance and lifestyle issues are identified and corrected quickly. We take photographs during our inspection, which are forwarded to the owners in a report. The tenants also receive a follow-up email from our administration team as to whether their property was excellent, acceptable or unacceptable. Unacceptable inspections are followed up, with the tenants given a date by which they must rectify the issue. Most tenants respond well to the opportunity to correct a bad inspection, and because of our clear communication, are usually accepting of the feedback. 

Thorough and comprehensive routine inspections are carried out on your property by an experienced team member every 17 weeks. Following this inspection, you receive the report with colour photographs and comments regarding the condition of the property and the way the tenants are caring for your home. You are welcome to attend these inspections. At Ellie Jean we believe in honest and transparent communication, so nothing is hidden from you about one of your most valuable assets. As the tenant report repairs and maintenance, this information is also shared with you so you have the opportunity to uphold the condition of the property.

At Ellie Jean, we do not tolerate arrears. Each of our tenants go through an induction process when they start their lease, and during that appointment it is clearly explained to them what is expected and what will occur if they fall into arrears. Our arrears management starts as soon as a tenants rent is four days late. All legislative procedures are followed and you, the landlord is kept up to date at all times.

This will depend on the option you choose. Most landlords will receive disbursements mid and end of month. The option is yours and we are flexible in working with you and your own individual requirements.

Properties that are pet-friendly are in high demand. According to the RSPCA, more than 62% of Australian households own a pet, so it makes sense to include pet owners as potential tenants. Of course, your home would need to be suitable for the pet and a well-managed pet friendly home can have great outcomes for all involved.

Research has revealed that many pet owners are prepared to pay more rent in order to keep their family and pet together and particularly when pet friendly homes are in short supply

With 62% of all Australian households owning a pet and a small percentage of pet friendly homes available the time on the market is far less.

Responsible pet owners who follow the rules are so appreciative to be able to rent a home that accommodates their pet that they are more likely to care for the property in order to stay and want to take a long-term lease.

Pet applications and agreement forms mean landlords and managing agents can more easily identify responsible pet owning tenants and clearly detail expectations as to how pets will be managed in the rental premises, clearly detail their expectation as to how a pet will be kept and managed once they are approved. The special terms can also stress that tenants have the property fumigated and the carpets cleaned when their tenancy ends.

No problem. This happens from time to time for a number of reasons. Firstly, you need to advise our office of your intentions in writing so we can communicate this with your tenants.  If your tenants are on a fixed term lease then it would be appropriate to wait until the lease is expiring to move back in. Notice would need to be given at least two months prior to the lease expiry. If your tenants are on a periodic lease then two months notice is also required. Tenants may also opt to move out earlier or you may need to move in earlier than the notice period and some form of compensation may be required. There are a number of options and the team at Ellie Jean will be able to assist you.

At Ellie Jean we believe in fairness and therefore our fees are very competitive. There is no secret that our management fees are 6% plus GST so you get to keep more of what’s yours!  When you contact the Ellie Jean team to discuss our property management services, we will thoroughly describe all fees and other costs related to our services. These fees are then added to a Property Occupations – Form 6 (Management Agreement) that you sign and return before our official appointment can start. Full disclosure and transparency once again to put you at ease knowing that nothing is hidden and there will be no nasty surprises at a later date.

  1. Preparing your property and presenting it in its best light will attract a quality tenant. Some things to consider are:

    • Update paint and carpets to freshen it up and remove those general signs of wear and tear
    • Make sure everything works including lights, the appliances, doors, locks, fans, air conditioners, pool pump and security system
    • If any of the appliances are not working then you will need to consider replacing them
    • Complete a water, gas, smoke alarm and blind compliance to meet legislative requirements
    • Tidy up the garden, mow lawns, trim hedges and trees, mulch garden beds, spray weeds and remove any other debris or items that may present as a hazard to any occupants
    • If you own a pool then you will need to arrange a pool compliance certificate by a qualified technician. You may also need to consider who will care for the pool. You can include regular pool maintenance and have the tenants pay for chemicals which is the most common combination. The pool will need to be clean and presentable when the lease begins.
    • If your property is to be rented furnished then all furnishings need to be clean at the start of the tenancy. The tenants are then responsible for returning them at the end of the lease in the same condition, allowing for fair wear and tear.
  1. No problem. The lovely Team at Ellie Jean can provide you with a comprehensive market appraisal (CMA) and assist you in selling your home. If your home is tenanted, then the tenants need to be informed by way of an initial phone call and then the official RTA Form 10 – Notice of Intention to Sell is provided to them. If they are on a fixed term lease then the tenants are entitled to stay until the end of that lease or they can be incentivised or compensated to move out prior to lease end.  If the tenants are on a periodic lease then once the property is unconditional a Notice to Leave can be issued with 30 days notice. All of these terms and conditions need to be negotiated at the time of sale.

Tenants are able to lodge maintenance requests with Ellie Jean for any issues that arise in their tenancy. We will then liase with the owner and seek instruction with how they wish to proceed. Access will be arranged with the tenant for repairs to be conducted at an appropriate time. Owners can also arrange to conduct maintenance and any repairs they deem necessary, as long as sufficient notice is given for Entry Notices to be issued to the tenants.

This is a situation specific question and depends on the owner’s personal circumstances. If the owner does not need the furniture and would need to store it elsewhere or sell it, then leaving it in the rental property is a logical solution. If this is the case, Ellie Jean would add the inventory of furniture and other goods to the Entry Condition Report, documenting what is present and that it is in working order. The tenant would then be responsible for maintaining the inventory during their lease and would be liable for any damages or if they removed anything. Renting a furnished property is not for everybody however, and this can restrict the appeal of your property for tenants who have their own belongings.

As part of our management duties, Ellie Jean performs regular routine inspections at all our rental properties (usually around a 17-week cycle). The owner can contact us and let us know they would like to attend the next routine inspection. Some notice is needed as the owner’s name would need to be added to the entry notice sent to the tenant.

If your tenant communicates that they wish to break their lease, there are set procedures in place to minimise the loss to the owner. The tenant must complete a Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave, which can be found on the RTA website. Once this has been received by our agency, the tenant will be invoiced for advertising and a break lease fee, which is one week’s rent plus GST. The break lease fee is refunded to the owner. The property will then be advertised with the available date and inspections will commence at the property to secure a new tenant. It is communicated to the existing tenant that they will be responsible for the rent until a suitable new tenant is secured.

At Ellie Jean, we make communication our priority. You will be able to contact your property manager’s via email, office, and mobile phone. Also, because we are a boutique real estate agency dedicated to providing a high level of service, we implement procedures to document important updates and communications on our software. Therefore, there are often other members of our team who can assist you or help you find the answer you are looking for.

Give the friendly team at Ellie Jean Real Estate a call today on (07) 5573 4114 to arrange a complimentary, no-obligations rental appraisal on your property. We promise to make this process one you will enjoy, and a decision you will never regret.