At Ellie Jean, we strive to be different. We take an old-fashioned approach when it comes to ‘homes’. To us, home is a ‘feeling’. There is no word that is nicer than ‘home’. We understand that selling can be a daunting task and that you hope the new buyer will love your home as much as you do.

Real Estate seems to have become a ‘quick sell’ industry and, of course, we aim to sell your property as quickly as possible. But we strive to showcase your home as warmly as possible. We have an amazing marketing team that will showcase your home with passion and professionalism, because we believe your home deserves the best.

We guarantee to keep you constantly updated with information regarding the sale of your property including weekly listing reports that detail engagement including enquiries, views, saves & shares.

When you truly love something, it shows. There is no way of hiding passion and at Ellie Jean we are dearly passionate about property. When we take a potential buyer through your property, we are honest and compassionate. You can count on the fact that we will offer you clear advice and a detailed plan showing you the steps that are involved in selling your home, from meeting with you to the final settlement. We will be with you every step of the way, doing it the Ellie Jean way.

Let us answer your questions

A real estate agent is the public face representing your property and should possess extensive knowledge of the market and local area to help maximise the sale potential of your property.

They should conduct open homes, manage enquiries, market, and promote the property. At Ellie Jean, we go the extra step of really getting to know you, so we gain an understanding of your goals and circumstances.

We provide in depth market analysis and appraisals, covering a wide range of metrics. Some of these include, local sales, property improvements, local demographic considerations, macro-economic conditions, and much more. We ensure that you are properly informed to make effective decisions.

Why wouldn’t you! Ellie Jean Real Estate agents are widely regarded for their consistent delivery of exceptional results. Our marketing, which includes photography, drone footage, floorplans, and virtual tours (just to name a few things) are all industry leading, and among the highest quality property marketing in Australia. We charge nothing at all for our marketing, it is complimentary to all clients. We provide a fixed fee commission of 2% and our level of customer service is second to none. Our team of ladies are available 7 days a week to each of their clients from the very beginning and each provide their work and personal contact details. Selling with Ellie Jean is an experience that we just know you will tell your friends about.

The lovely ladies at Ellie Jean Real Estate can visit your home and talk to you about your situation and needs. We will then walk through the property, taking note of all relevant features. We go back to the office and do our in-depth research, to create your CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). During this time, we research the current market, the local area, proximity to key locations, any renovations that have been done to the property etc and current demand. We then provide a detailed appraisal for your consideration, which we are happy to discuss with you. This is a free service with no commitment necessary.

Effectively marketing your home exposes, it to the widest and most targeted audience. With most buyers and renters now finding their properties online, it is more important than ever to compete in this space. The quality of your photography, attention to detail, digital enhancement and overall online presentation of the property is crucial and directly correlated to the result achieved. Engaging an agency that is genuinely invested in its approach to its marketing is a significant advantage.

You can sell your property while it Is tenanted If all parties are informed (except in the first 2 months of the lease). If you have a lease in place, the tenants do have the right to finish their tenancy, however if the lease is periodic, you can give the tenants 30 days to vacate. It may work to your advantage if you were to sell to an investor, as it is beneficial to have tenants in place, an investor would appreciate that when buying a property.

There are a few different ways to sell your property in Queensland. The method you choose depends on your expectations, property features, timeline, and the current local market demand.

Private Treaty. This is the most popular way to sell your home. Knowing what you want to achieve for your property and having a price that is displayed on the listing. This is the safest option for a buyer, as they have the option to add a finance and pest and building clause to the contract, which most buyers want and need. It is however difficult to negotiate when you have multiple offers. Buyers are told there is more than one offer on the table and to submit their final offer. Without knowing what the other party is offering, their situation, terms etc. Maybe they are a cash offer or have no terms at all. This is nerve wracking for a buyer, but the safest option for a seller.

Tender. Also known as a silent auction, this is not a common way to sell your property, however it is starting to rise in popularity. Buyers are given a date by which they must submit their best offer. You may see in a heading of a listing, something along the lines of ‘EOI’ closing 12/07. EOI (Expressions of Interest). The offers are then presented to the owner. Sellers are not allowed to accept any offers before the stated end date. If no offer is accepted by the seller, the real estate agent can go back to the buyers and negotiate terms and price.

Auction. Auction can be a daunting way to purchase a property for buyers. However, if your property is unique, or has a lack of comparable sales in the area making it hard to put a price on, auction may be the way to go. Auctions can result in getting a great price for your property, especially if a heart buyer is present. To be able to bid in an auction, a buyer must already have finance and pest and building approved. Once the property goes under the hammer, it is then unconditional and a contract is drawn up, signed and the property is officially SOLD. A pest and building will need to be conducted prior to auction day, so there is the added risk of paying for the pest and building to be conducted, and then being out bided. In some cases, a property may be purchased prior to auction, however all auction terms must be met.

You can expect the best, personalised service, honesty, loyalty, passion and drive to receive the best outcome. Constant communication throughout the whole process, and selfless advice on any situation. You can expect the best possible price for your property and someone to guide you along the entire sale process.

Open homes usually occur on a weekend, however, they can also be scheduled for days in the week, as well as evenings. Sometimes an ‘event’ can be organised, with invitations going out inviting buyers to view your property. They usually occur in the evening with a welcome beverage and nibbles. This gives buyers the opportunity to truly picture themselves living in the property and getting a feel for the lifestyle.

A private inspection can be arranged should a buyer not be available to attend the open home. Ellie Jean Real Estate ensures that there are at least 2 sales agents at the property per open home, to ensure there is always somebody to talk to, as well as extra safety & precaution for your personal belongings.

We have property brochures with information on your property, floorplans, rental appraisals, and a letter of offer. Our agents will be there to answer any questions, and we will also sit down with buyers and help them through the process of producing a letter of offer.

This is a question we get asked a lot, and it is totally understandable. People fear that having a sign will allow for door knocks, and also nosey neighbours. However, in the simplest of answers, it is hard to sell a secret. Having a sign allows buyers who are looking at other properties in the area, to also have a look at yours. Maybe a house down the road just sold, and the buyers who have missed out on that property, drive past and see that yours is available.

Some buyers like to do reconnaissance of areas they aren’t familiar with to see what is for sale, and to also investigate the area. Having a sign allows for buyers to enquire about the property when they drive past. It might be the difference of them purchasing your property, or one down the street that does have a sign. We have never come across a buyer just walking up to a house and knocking on a door, and if that was the case, you would simply direct them to us.

Open homes are also a great way to increase the chance of a sale of your home. Most prospective buyers will plan their Saturdays around open homes, and there are many, so having yours in that list will increase your chance of getting buyers through the door. In regards to being nervous about strangers walking in your home, rest assured that there are always at least two agents per open home for protection of your personal belongings.

This depends on what you are referring to. Some people get overwhelmed when purchasing a house that needs a lot of work done. However, a few items do help to increase the sale price of your property. The most common areas include the wet areas, which are the kitchens and the bathrooms. Ensure these are renovated in a neutral and modern manner, don’t overcapitalise on these areas, as you may not get the money back in the sale of the house. A few things like painting, and re-carpeting also make a big difference. Opt for a neutral colour like a white, or an cream shade to help brighten up the room, this also adds the illusion of a room being larger.

We are easily separated from our competition. Ellie Jean Real Estate has quickly become synonymous with premier service standards. Our overwhelming commitment to this industry and the level of service that we consistently provide to our clients is a distinguishing element of our agency. We have harvested a culture of partnering with our clients and are very proud of ‘client’ first ethos. Come and experience the Ellie jean difference today.

If your property is part of a body corporate scheme, you will need a body corporate disclosure when selling your home. This is needed for the signing of the contract and includes all the relevant information in one simple form. This information includes how much money is in the sinking fund, information on the insurance of your property if applicable, etc.

You will also need a copy of the relevant body corporate by-laws to give to the new owners, so they are aware of the rules. Most buyers will ask to sight these before signing the contract, so they are aware of everything included.

In Queensland, there are 3 main ways to list your property.

Exclusive Listing – An Exclusive Listing is when you elect one agency to sell your property. It is the most common agreement a seller will choose. This is usually for a 90-day appointment in which you cannot elect another agency to sell the property, unless you give 30 days’ notice in writing. After the time is up, you can either re-elect the agent, continue as an open listing, or you can end your agreement with no penalty to you. Being in an exclusive agency agreement gives the agency the confidence and the control that is needed to sell your home.  Just having the one agency benefits you as there is only one lot of advertising to pay.

An Open Listing – An Open Listing is where you engage multiple agents to market your property. Whoever sells the property is the one to receive the commission. A benefit is you do get multiple agents selling your home, however you lose the personal and customised service one would get as an exclusive agency. Agents tend to push harder and work harder for an exclusive agreement as they have the confidence that it is theirs, and they also push hard to get a sale within the appointment timeline so another agency doesn’t take the listing at the end of their agreement.

A Sole Agreement– A sole agreement is similar to an exclusive listing, however it does give you the opportunity to sell your own property. If you get a buyer that the agent has not introduced to you, then you are able to sell the property yourself with no commission payable to the agent.

Overcapitalisation is when you renovate, or build your home, investing a lot more money than you will be able to get back from a sale. Even though it is true, that renovating your property will add value to your home, you can’t guarantee that you will get exactly what you paid, back from the sale. If you are thinking of renovating before the sale of your house, it is best to do your research or talk to an agent to see what will work to ensure you receive the best price for your home without losing money that you have spent.

That depends on how you will be selling your home. In most cases, you will be charged for a full photo shoot, and even more if you opt to include a floor plan, drone footage, virtual tour, signage and a video. Some agents will charge you for open homes, and a commission on average between 3-5%. Advertising on & is also an additional cost. A title search is also ordered.

However, at Ellie Jean Real Estate, all our marketing is included. You receive a full photoshoot, full colour floorplan, virtual tour, drone shots and signage for no fee whatsoever. Just because we love what we do, and we want to market your property to sell! Our commission is only 2.2% including GST. A title search which is $22.95, and we get 62% off a Premiere Listing on, as well as a significant discount on a Platinum domain listing.

It is an idea to clean up your property before listing it on the market. That includes de-cluttering, thoroughly cleaning, and ensuring your garden is tidy. Some buyers find it extremely difficult to envision themselves in a property when it is filled with someone else’s personal belongings, such as photos and general personal clutter. It also includes putting away all of your products in the bathroom (in cupboards/drawers). Adding a few plants inside can help to create a nice ambience as well as a subtle reed diffuser or fragrance.

You are not legally required to have a conveyancer in Queensland; however, it is highly recommended. You are dealing with an already stressful situation and knowing it is all done correctly will call for a smooth process. Let somebody else take the stress out of it for you!

Give the friendly team at Ellie Jean Real Estate a call today on 07 5573 4114 to arrange a free, no obligation appraisal on your home. We promise to make this process one you will enjoy, stress-free, and a decision you will never regret.